Treat a urinary tract Infection or cystitis

It can be very painful, make its appearance several times a year, mainly concerns women but is treated easily rest assured. Urinary tract infection is a very common infection and rare are those who have never had one at least once in their life.

Urinary tract infections often called cystitis are the second reason for consultation and prescription of antibiotics. Frequent but painful, annoying and complexing, they are often without consequences but do not wait to cure.

How to treat a cystitis? What are the causes and symptoms of a urinary tract infection? How is it detected? Are there any natural remedies?

If you are suffering from cystitis, you will most certainly have to ask all these questions. Rest assured, we will answer them in every detail so that you know what to do if this happens to you. Continue reading “Treat a urinary tract Infection or cystitis”

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Anti-cholesterol diet

A good diet is the first treatment of excess cholesterol. It can even sometimes avoid drug treatment, and it always helps to reduce cardiovascular risk. So many good reasons to adopt the right dietary rules!

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